Show them.

Don’t give advice to people who didn’t ask for it.

Even if your ideas might possibly change their sad and worrisome lives forever, they should come to you first.

You might have stumbled across the most profound wisdom of the universe, but you don’t want to slap people in the face with it, if they didn’t invite you to do so.

This can be very hard when you learn something that makes you feel good.

There’s a clear and present risk of becoming an evangelist (with the best intentions), and suffocate every person we meet with our new blanket of truth.


Live the stuff that liberates you.

Show, not tell.

Until people ask you for it, and then tell them like their life depends on it, with all your heart and soul.

Don’t be that asshole who knows better:

LIVE better.

Show it.

Prove it.

Be it.

And they’ll want what you have.

(Photo by @jonecohen, for Unsplash)

Space for that.

Space for that.

Today is endless.

Today is endless.