Don’t think about happiness.

The personal mind has an amazing capacity to make itself important.

There’s always a reason to dwell on stuff, to be frightened or desperate or lost.

It’s a truly creative and compelling experience factory, but we don’t have to be bound by its dominance.

The paradox (there’s always a paradox) is that the mind and its stories we suffer from so much and so often, completely rely on our awareness.

Without interest in what we’re thinking, the thoughts would have no power at all, and for all we know wouldn’t even exist.

And that’s exactly why the mind can be so frantic and personal and all over the fucking place: it’s the only way to almost guarantee we stay interested and invested.

The dynamic, anxious and unsatisfied content is what we’re hooked on.

We just don’t know there are options.

It’s like a really loud TV-show we hate most of the time, but the anxiety of missing even one second of its endless (often very repetitive) crap is just too big.

We almost HAVE to give the personal mind and what it comes up with our full and immediate attention, because if we don’t, it will stylishly and craftily freak us out enough to run back to our submissive behavior.

It’s a dilemma, a conundrum, a challenge.

But here’s the good news:

I just mentioned that whatever is happening within us, the complete experience of our personal existence, is what we’re allowing in our consciousness.

Our attention, our interest, our focus, are what brings the mere and essentially powerless suggestions of the mind into fruition, into aliveness, into confusion, and therefore into reality.

This is a very powerful notion and an extremely hopeful discovery.

Because if we can become aware of awareness itself (a unique talent we have as human beings), we instantly disconnect from our thoughts.

And that means we’re happy.

Technically, happiness is the lack of thinking, it’s what occurs if we’re not being identified with a story, a person, a past or a future.

It’s what we feel when we’re not lost in our captivating mind.

It’s the direct experience of our true nature.

Wide open and free.



Happiness is here, within you, it always is and always was.


Just don’t think about it.

(Photo by @mariodobelmann, for Unsplash)

Deleting habits.

Deleting habits.

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Home is here.