Learning to enjoy your emotions.

Feeling an emotion, doesn’t warrant its importance.

It’s not proof of anything other than the temporary existence of a particular form of energy.

It’s an experience, for sure, but that doesn’t automatically make it true, meaningful or valid.

It doesn’t make it something to run from or hang on to or act on.

We don’t really understand our emotions.

We hardly ever investigate what’s going on but simply react.

The fact that it’s there is enough for most of us to take it seriously and run with it.

‘I am angry with the world, and I know that I am right because why else would I be angry!’

Many emotions come from wrong interpretations and lame suggestions from the mind.

We are very naïve.

Really, very.

Most of us never consider the endlessness of our being, and the fleeting character of everything we experience, and the extremely powerful and hopeful relationship between the two.

We get lost in day-to-day stuff all the time, and when it’s behind us and done with, we just do it all over again.

And we don’t notice.

I would never say that emotions aren’t important.

On the contrary: they are exquisite expressions of and within consciousness.

Emotions make the human existence what it is.

They are essential, powerful, amazing.

But we can learn to enjoy them, to even cherish them, without being swept away by them, without heedlessly following them and using them as an excuse to fuck up our lives and the lives of people we encounter.

We can learn to be with our emotions, but not be fueled by them, blinded by them, controlled by them.

And when we stop taking them so seriously, we can finally start to enjoy them.


(Photo by @philhearing, for Unsplash)

You have a gift.

You have a gift.

Helemaal oké.

Helemaal oké.