Endless amounts of new easy.

The sweetness of waking up to your true nature.



Like subtle landslides or gentle earthquakes.

Like outward shifts that lead to more outward shifts.

Like finding pieces of a puzzle you can’t see.

Or doors behind doors behind doors.

The majestic transcendence of human contraction.

The release of limiting beliefs and self-imposed suffering.

The realization of rich simplicity.

And maybe most of all…

The endless levels of new easy.

How I always find new space around old crap.

How I constantly discover new options, new choices, new doorways, new answers.

New joy, new love, new space, new wonder.

New easy’s.

Every day.

All the time.

Heaven is a state of no mind.

Who knew?

(Photo by @danielmingookkim, for Unsplash)

Geen paniek!

Geen paniek!

Always there.

Always there.