Pain without suffering.

This morning I’ll be visiting the dentist.

There’s an old filling that has to be replaced.

I’ll ask for a local anesthetic (because I can).

And it will sting.

But how long?

Just for a second, when the needle penetrates my gums when I’m actually there in the chair?

Or for HOURS, when I think and worry about it, and the agony of my imagination captures me in the experience before I am even there?

Oh man.

We suffer from our ideas, our thoughts.

So, so much.

We suffer from our fantasy, our capacity to see things happen before they do (and most of them never happens anyway).

It’s the anticipation that hurts the most and the deepest.

And that is really good to realize.

Because the pain from my visit to the dentist will be limited to my visit.

To the only moment that really counts in terms of pain.

So it will hurt.

But only for a second.

(Photo by @carocaro1987, for Unsplash)

Keep on moving.

Keep on moving.

New eyes.

New eyes.