Caught in the game.

The personal mind is amazing.

It is, in fact, beyond amazing.

It has created this whole, detailed image and idea of who you are, and keeps on doing it, enforcing it, all the time.

And it doesn’t just produce your thinking: it has built your whole world with everything in it.

But we always forget.


So you have been around spirituality for a while, you’ve had some insights, and now the mind says something very unfriendly to you while you’re feeling tired.

Without realizing what is actually going on, the mind immediately follows up with a slightly different sounding

‘Oh no, not that thought again, when will I EVER be free from it!’

And then, just like that, it creates disappointment.



Pure magic.

This trick only works so well because you believe that the only thing the mind did was say something unfriendly.

You’re naturally convinced that the thought after that AND the disappointment are you, the person suffering from the mind.

But every part of this little play IS the mind, in disguise, causing amazingly, painfully personal experiences.

It’s like a tennis tournament where every contestant is really the same player (which is created from the energy that also shapes the courts, the stands, the umpires, the balls and the audience).

And by fooling you into believing that part of this little story is still you, it can make you feel disappointed.

Or angry.

Or hopeless.

It’s all just partial identification.

It’s all thought, coming from different angles, having a different weight and smell and sound, and therefore creating this exquisite game of experiences.

But it’s still just the personal mind.

All of it.

And you are watching it.

You are watching it (but you don’t realize that most of the time), and then comfortably take over its suggestion to feel hopeless or disappointed or sad, because you believe that’s you.

It’s the ultimate strategy of the mind: creating some thoughts AND a person that doesn’t like them.

Now you’re caught in the game.

It’s the mind creating stupid questions AND answers that seem to come from you.

Creating insults AND responses.

Creating triumph and suffering.

But it’s all just this amazing system.

And you are still watching it.

(Just saying…)

(Photo by @ttrapani, for Unsplash)

You have a gift.

You have a gift.