What if today is the day?

What if today you finally realize

‘I don’t want to screw up my life anymore

I am tired of my habits

I am fed up with my anger, my anxiety, my awkwardness

I am exhausted, disappointed, lost

but I can’t do it alone

and I NEED to be free, but

I don’t even know where to start?’

What if today

really IS the first day of the rest of a radically different life

IS where everything changes for the better

IS the start of healing, expansion excitement, joy, trust and true fulfillment?

What if today is the day you admit

you REALLY realize:

‘I need expert help

because I’ve tried enough times to know

that I am still not free

and that is all that I want

and all that I’ve always wanted’

What if today

you finally send the mail?

Because if today is the day

I am the coach

Slow learning.

Slow learning.