Finding the secret.

There’s only one thing I talk about.

But there are a million ways to do it.

The biggest secret of mankind is not a secret at all.

The solution to all our problems is hidden in plain sight.

Right here, right now.

That’s why we don’t notice.

It’s here, it’s always here.

-> HERE <-.

It’s before everything, and after everything.

And during.

That’s why we miss it.

It’s SO obvious, SO close, SO ever present, that it is of no interest to us.

It’s the last place we search (if we’re lucky enough to even try).

A crazy predicament.

An ingenious riddle.

What is always there, tends to become invisible.

How ironic.

How tantalizing.

How utterly frustrating.

How deeply funny and smart.

It’s the gateway to everything.

It’s the portal to pure potential.

It’s the birthplace of happiness.

It’s where intuition dwells and time has no meaning.

It’s the pure energy of endless creation.

And it has never been anywhere else than where it is right now.


It is the feeling of you.

It’s the You-ness.

The mere sensation of being alive.

It’s what is experiencing everything.

It’s what makes experiences possible.

It’s what experiences are made of.

The only thing I talk about, in a million different ways.

Love, talking about love.

All the time.

(Photo by @eduardoflorespe, for Unsplash)