Going from head to heart.

Have you noticed?

My posts are changing.

I feel less inclined to explain shit.

Less worried about being understood or 100% clear.

It’s more and more about painting a personal picture.

About the energy, the sensation, not a detailed manual for the experience.

The change is a gradual and totally natural thing.

I guess it’s the result of doing something for a long, long time, when you start to feel the desire to let go of obviousness, safety, stuff that everybody gets.

Like going from photorealistic to abstract.

From head to heart.

Not a big deal, somehow, but an important one just the same.

And it just feels really amazing.

And simple.

I guess it means that I’ll be losing readers who are looking for instructions and explanations, who want to read ‘how to’s’ and steps.

That’s fine.

There’s an audience for everything.

And I’d rather have you feel it than understand it anyway.

But even more important: writing intuitively IS the reward.

I write myself happy.

How cool is that?

(Photo by @socialcut, for Unsplash)

The one life.

The one life.