Take whatever you like.

mei 22, 2021 | Awakening, English, Insights, Personal, Purpose and Meaning, Spirituality, Typically Me


It’s about eating.

Or not eating.

It’s about breathing.

It’s about running.

It’s about not moving.

It’s about the heart.

It’s about the brain.

It’s about visualizing.

It’s about psychoactive plants.

It’s about crystals.

It’s about gratitude.

It’s about sleeping.

It’s about getting up early.

It’s about silence.

It’s about singing.

It’s about cold showers

It’s about hot tents.

It’s about wanting it enough.

Or about letting it all go.

It’s about nothing.

And it’s everything.

The smorgasbord of happiness.

The buffet of wellbeing.

Take whatever you like.

Fill your plate.

Taste it, feel it, enjoy it, get lost in it.

Defend it, despise it, sell it, hate it.

Make it into a personal cult, or ridicule it.

It’s all there for you, all of it.

Don’t take it seriously.

Or do.

It doesn’t mean anything.

And it is all there is.


(Photo by @farreal, for Unsplash)

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