Learning to enjoy the dream.

mei 26, 2021 | Awakening, Coaching, English, Insights, Personal, Purpose and Meaning, Spirituality

Something I get asked about ALL THE TIME is:

‘If our entire world consists of thoughts, and thoughts are not a big deal, what will there be left to enjoy or strive for or be happy about when I see through the confusion?’

I get that.

I HAD that.

It makes sense, at least for the mind.

When you first hear about the role of thought and start contemplating the end of its supremacy, it seems there’ll be nothing left but a vast, smoldering emptiness, a boundless dark void that’s like hell on earth.

Like living in an endless, cold, sad echo.

What I didn’t know, just like the people with the questions, is that this waking up gig is not about dismissing thought or hating thought or fighting thought or outrunning thought, but about creating space around our imagination.

It’s about MORE appreciation instead of less.

About getting to know thought intimately, and not be freaked out about it anymore.

It’s about choice, picking the ones you like and then deeply enjoying them, while lazily waving away the shitty specimens.

Thinking is not wrong.

Thoughts are the brushstrokes of life, painted in the moment.

They are how we operate in the world that is created by them.

They ARE the human experience, and therefore deserve a lot of credit.

Thoughts are beyond amazing: they constantly conjure up future situations that will never happen but keep us in pain and sorrow anyway (and we even know it).

They let us travel back in time and dwell sweetly in colorful memories.

They help us invent stuff, solve stuff, communicate stuff, build stuff, destroy stuff, lie about stuff, AND at the same time make us masterfully forget who we truly are while doing all of that.

They allow us to make sense of shit, and effortlessly produce tragedy, comedy, drama, action, romance, science fiction and horror.

And even if they don’t really exist (show me a thought, now!) and have no inherent power over us if we don’t let them, they just as well create our entire, day-to-day reality.

And that is just very, very good to know.

It will be the Relief of Reliefs.

Because becoming conscious of this crazy, random, utterly creative super power that builds our experience every second of our lives, will eventually help us enjoy it like never before.

Really seeing the difference between the unchanging awareness of everything (which is what you are and always will be) and the frantic circus in our minds, means getting to know the peaceful space that is the stage for all these crazy plays.

It’s about learning to deeply love it all, because you start to see it’s not ultimately real.

You realize you’re safe, no matter what.

Seeing through thoughts, or waking up, starts a true appreciation for its magic.

You won’t find yourself stranded on an empty beach at an empty island living a life of eerie nothingness.

You won’t drop into a nihilistic nightmare.

On the contrary: the dream will be even richer and more vibrant and vivid than before, but this time you kinda know what’s going on.

And that, my friend, will change EVERYTHING.

(Photo by @ninjason, for Unsplash)

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