YouTube served me a video about the polyvagal theory.

It seemed interesting.

I watched it.

After that, there were more videos, many, many more.

There were books (there are always books).

And there were exercises, lots of them.

Another Promise For Sustainable Future Peace, disguised as another theory.

Another wellbeing rabbit hole.

They were (and probably still are) my kind of thing.

I followed many before.

Like: MANY.

These rabbit holes always start with a barely visible light at the end, that looks really promising and liberating.

So you jump in and start looking around hesitantly, and before you know it you are doing some writing exercise, you’re lying on your back breathing in a specific way (either really fast or really slow), or you’re sitting with your eyes closed, visualizing something.

Or you find yourself ordering a book or two, and maybe even an online course.

Or you do ALL of the above.

And in the meantime, somewhere in the background but SO close you could feel it if you only knew where to feel, Sustainable Peace is smiling at you, constantly offering a direct way out, or a way in.

With so much love for your endless endeavors.

With so much patience.

Life loves you so much.

The lost you, the searching you, the fearless rabbit hole explorer.

It loves you SO much that it will never interfere in your decisions to go for another round, another system, a fresh hole.

But it will always leave the option of staying right where you are, and finally find your way into its endlessly caring arms.

It will always be there for you.

Even after a thousand rabbit holes.

Even after the polyvagal theory.

That IS love.

(Photo by @valentinlacoste, for Unsplash)

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