I have a new rule in my life.

I like it a lot.

It presented itself about a week ago, and it goes like this:

‘If I can’t be nice, I don’t do anything until I can be nice again.’

It’s my Shitty Mood Response Prevention System.

So when I get pissed off, or frustrated, or messed up by opinions, or something puts me out of balance in any other way, and I’m expected to respond, I’m out.

There’s no room for habitual reactivity shit.

Elvis leaves the building.

It might take five minutes, it might take a day, maybe even a week (probably not, but you just never know).

But unless I’m capable of being gentle, and understanding, and polite, and respectful, and reasonable, I don’t respond.

Not a single word, not the slightest gesture.

I just wait.

I wait it out.

And as soon as I feel I can be genuinely nice again, I do whatever there is left to do.

Just trying to be a nice guy.

I like it a lot.

(Photo by @allthestories, for Unsplash)

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