Waking up is a real thing.

I know this, because I’m living it.

I’m in it.

And it has been like that for years.

Waking up is not an event, but more like a subtle unfolding.

An expanding recognition, an endless opening up.

A light that keeps on shining brighter.

Consciousness kissing you.

More and more and more.

Better and better, and better.

Easier, and easier, and easier.

It’s impossible to describe what really happens when your outlook on life changes from within.

Words simply fall short.

But everything becomes lighter.

The direct experience of whatever happens, gets a new meaning.

A felt meaning, not a mental one.

It’s like your senses start to have fun.

It’s like walking around with an inner smile that hardly fits within your body.

It’s about rekindling the flame of innate, childlike awe.

Like having the best holiday of your life, every day.

It is really, really, exquisitely real.

It’s thrilling.

And soothing.

And energizing.

And inspiring.

And I simply can’t stop being deeply grateful for it, and share what it does to and for me.

Waking up is like being stuffed with bubbling joy.

More and more and more.

God, what a miracle.

It’s real.

So real.



(Photo by @hasanalbari, for Unsplash)


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