I am a little boy.

I am a little boy playing on the beach, running towards the waves and back again, laughing, splashing.

I am totally, utterly happy.

I AM happiness.

Not a single thing in the world is out of order.

The castle I built is huge and skewed and awesome.

The sun feels hot (but not too hot).

The white sand is exactly the way white sand at the perfect white beach is supposed to be, and feel, and every tiny grain is at the exact right spot.

I am eating a piece of chilled water melon.

There’s juice everywhere.

Tiny, sticky hands.

I wear a white cap.

The sea is vast but friendly.

Its waves engage with the shore, gently.

In, out, in, out.

There’s no time, and if there were, somehow, it wouldn’t mean much anyway.

Because this is an endless day.

On an endless beach.

Feeling endlessly joyful.

The sky is very blue.

And I am here.


I am a little boy.

I am everything at once.

How could I forget?

(Photo by @daiga_ellaby, for Unsplash)

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