REALLY important things.

Jun 7, 2021 | Awakening, English, Insights, Personal, Purpose and Meaning, Spirituality

There are billions of things I once found really important.

Things that bothered me, things I doubted, things I had to decide on, things that challenged me, things that got in the way of me getting somewhere.

Things, things, THINGS!

Things that kept me up all night, into the new day.

Things that pushed out all other stuff.

Things that really HAD to be fixed.

Things that totally consumed me.

Until they didn’t.

Until they somehow were resolved or forgotten about.

Until they were replaced by new and of course very important things that HAD to be dealt with and needed all of my attention.

The mind is like a frantic, out of control clay target thrower.

No matter how much firepower we use or how many pigeons we blast: it’s never enough, and it will never stop.

There’s always a new ‘Pull!’.

There are always more.

And every new skeet seems to be really important.

Just like all the billions of things in my life that consumed so much of my time.

The things I never ever think about anymore.

Those things.

Fuck ‘em.


(Photo by @sourfraser, for Unsplash)

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