The ONE thing (can you feel it?)

What if you don’t just know what you want to do in life,

how you want to live (and how that feels),
but know it better and better and better
more and more and more
all the time?
Without a doubt there’s this ONE thing.
You wake up with it.
And when you fall asleep, it’s there with you, watching, waiting, smiling.
Your heart sings with it.
Your words are pregnant with it.
Your eyes tell stories that are full of it.
And somehow, somewhere, you become it.
That is the thing you were born to feel.
That is your personal source for an amazing life.
This ONE thing.
It’s there.
Can you feel it?
(Photo by @whatdaliz, for Unsplash)

Moving on.

Moving on.

Not just a brain.

Not just a brain.

Not guilty.

Not guilty.