Living lightly.

Life is about compromise.

At least that’s what they say.
But who are they anyway, and why would you care?
THEY say all kinds of things, and most of it is totally unimaginative and limiting and safe and sucking the joy out of everything.
THEY know shit.
So stop listening to what THEY say and claim to be true (and you know what? They don’t even exist).
Take back your life.
What if you don’t WANT to compromise?
What if you want to live this crazy, unpredictable, precious life the way you want to live it?
What if you want to wake up every morning and love the grass and the storm and the ulcers and the dragons and the cake and the splinter in your left thumb?
Did you ever consider the liberation in that?
I did.
I did, and I no longer want to compromise.
I want to live according to my terms because my terms are awesome.
My terms lift me up, my rules inspire me, my uncompromising nature nourishes and heals me.
And even if you say ‘yeah but there are all these things I am not allowed to do’, I get it, but you are just compromised by your own mind.
Stop doing that.
At least a little bit.
Explore the space around your ideas.
Invite the magic.
Live lightly.
Freedom is not about waiting for permission to do so.
You can’t be free if you want the world to agree.
Freedom is something you realize, something you really want, just because it seems fucking amazing.
You just decide to be free, right now, at this moment, and take it from there.
And if they say that it’s naïve and unrealistic and stupid and maybe tomorrow is a better day, just shrug it off.
What do they know anyway?
(Photo by @maicopereira, for Unsplash)

Show it.

Show it.



It does.

It does.