Always searching, never lost.

Years ago I found myself staring at a mirror for hours, at my tearful, puzzled face, trying to find who was looking.

I had never heard of things like ‘source’ or ‘our true nature’, but the physical therapist I worked with had given me some homework, and the mirror thing was part of that.

So I did it, like a good boy, without understanding the purpose of the exercise.

I didn’t know what I was supposed to find or conclude or recognize.

Until I did.

Now I talk about this all the time, because it fucked me up for SO long and it just makes sense to share what I’ve learned with other sufferers from the human condition.

There IS a way out, or beyond.

But the mind will never understand consciousness.

Not because it is too complicated or needs intricate concepts, but because it is so extremely obvious, so direct, so essential.

So incredibly natural.

So… here.

It is here all the time, as the source and background for everything, yet we always get lost in the temporary creations, the juicy content of daily life.

Most of us don’t get what is already and always here (because it is already and always here), and even if we do, we don’t really appreciate it -a bit like oxygen: we never think about it, but it’s kinda helpful to have around.

And all of this is completely normal, and very human.

We can produce vast worlds of suffering within just like that, but the mere and undeniable fact of existence, right here, right now, can never be intellectually conquered.

We can’t even effectively point it out!

Being aware of consciousness is not difficult or hard, because it is always here to facilitate every single experience we ever have.

And that is exactly why it seems so elusive: it is ALWAYS there.

It is always creating this, and this, and this.

One day, while sitting in front of the computer, I realized that what I had been looking for all this time, was the thing that made the spiritual expedition possible in the first place.

The conscious force that used my hungry, desperate eyes to search for the end of suffering and the solution to this spiritual conundrum, WAS the answer.

I had been looking for myself, just like we all do.

But if I was looking, how could I ever be lost?


So stupid.

So obvious.

So awesome.



(Photo by @alex_lopez00, for Unsplash)

Bubbling joy.

Bubbling joy.

Hugging words.

Hugging words.