Fighting divine timing.

‘This takes too long.’

‘By now I should have…’

‘Why hasn’t it happened yet?!’

We have agendas and timetables that the universe doesn’t really care about.

We compare what is to what should have been.

And we suffer from it.

It is the Unlived Life all over again, the parallel, invisible one where everything would have been different, if things would have only gone according to our ideas and planning.

Because writing the book takes too long.

Their response is not quick enough.

You should have been famous by now.

The millions of dollars you are swimming in while you’re visualizing, are nothing more than a picture in your mind.

It is taking too long.

Not fast enough.

Not big enough.

Not the way we planned it, daydreamed it, pinned it down in our detailed journals.

But I guess it’s all very simple.

I guess there are a couple of reasons that life doesn’t do whatever we want it to do, at the exact moment we believe it should:

We could never handle that kind of power.

We would miss the journey and only have destinations.

We wouldn’t be able to predict the good things that come from bad circumstances (not in a million years).

We probably wouldn’t learn anything worthwhile.

And we wouldn’t be able to appreciate the results of hard work and hardship.

The only timing that matters, is divine timing.

Stuff happens all the time, but only exactly when it happens.

It means that you can worry as much as you want, trying to force life to follow your detailed plans and schedules.

Or don’t worry at all.





(Photo by @malvestida, for Unsplash)




Today is endless.

Today is endless.