Why the world needs you right now.

I used to think that what I have to tell the world is unique.

It’s not.

What I talk about all day long (and sometimes deep into the night) is the fact that we are way more than we think we are, and that the direct experience of that changes everything.

It’s extremely cool to talk about Consciousness, but it’s not unique.

There have been and still are many, many, many coaches and teachers and gurus and consultants and specialists and trainers and writers and social media personalities that talk about this all the time.

So it’s not about what you are referring to.

But you are still extremely important.

Because what IS unique, is you.

You and your personal version of living in spirit, of the universal, direct recognition that makes life so much more wonderful and simple and rich.

The truth is the same for all of us (probably because it’s the truth), but there are countless ways to talk about it and convey it and teach it and even live it.

And that’s where you come in.

There’s a place and demand for your specific explanation, your language and your stories.

There’ll always be people who are profoundly touched by your descriptions, and appreciate and feel them a lot more than what I have to say.

You are here for the personal, unique repackaging and sharing of the same truth.

You are here because many people will need your exact words, your personality and energy.

Your voice.

Not mine.

Not the voice of Eckhart Tolle or Byron Katie or Wayne Dyer or Oprah or the Dalai Lama or Abraham Hicks or this ex-monk guy with the blue eyes who does nothing for me personally.

You are here because you are the ONLY person in the world who can teach this stuff exactly like you do.

The reason you are on this planet right here and right now, is to playfully create your own style and brand and expression.

What this means is that your existence is ESSENTIAL for the evolution of the world right now.

You simply couldn’t be anywhere else than where you are, exactly like this.

Your part in this miraculous boundless play is utterly important.

How about that?!

It means that when you’ve seen even the tiniest snippet of finding liberation from the mind, you have to talk about it or at least surrender to it, so people can become aware of the effect.

People need your unique expression of what is universally true.

Your story, your words, your vision, your voice.


Isn’t that the coolest realization!



(Photo by @rubavi78, for Unsplash)


Slow learning.

Slow learning.

The end of anger.

The end of anger.



One step.

One step.