I am feeling terribly restless.

Like someone secretly stuffed my body with nervous frogs.
Like running away from a tsunami that is just two meters behind, spraying me with salty drops.
I am constantly doing five things at the same time, running overlapping activities, and it has been going on for hours.
When I stop for a moment, it’s as if I am not allowed to.
My mind keeps running.
The body tries to keep up.
It’s weird.
It’s almost overwhelming.
And it’s actually quite fascinating.
It really is.
Playing with attention is our hidden super power.
Knowing the Knowing and resting as that, while this whole human system is running in overdrive, takes away the edge.
Anxiety is there, somewhere.
The nervous system is throbbing.
It’s all gone haywire.
But it’s not me.
It’s really not.
So it doesn’t need to go.
I hold it like a frantic baby.
A BIG baby.
And I know it will eventually fall asleep.
(Photo by @charlesdeluvio, for Unsplash)

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