Writing me.

For me, writing is like thinking on paper.

A form of reflection.

A way to learn about life and all that it encompasses.

Writing is an extension of my being, an expression of the moment.

I write to clear up doubts.

I write to ease my pain.

I write to unload and unfold and undo.

And I sometimes just write to get away from the voice in my head, because writing is a brilliant distraction.

Writing opens up my world, to me.

It shows what I am worried about, or really happy with, proud of, or struggling with.

It’s not an activity to create something: it IS the creating.

It is like coaching myself, it is therapy, teaching, and working out.

A form of trust that pays off in pure clarity.

In patience.


And peace.

Life is always writing me.

An expression of its endless love.



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Not just a brain.

Not just a brain.

Spiritual stress.

Spiritual stress.