At least once a week, I get an email with this particular question.

People I don’t know write to me that their life is completely down the drain, that they have been anxious for twenty years, or that they have felt insecure ever since they were a kid, and they are looking for a solution.

They want tips.

Tips, and tricks.

‘Do you have tips?’, they ask eagerly.

And I don’t.

Because there aren’t any, not really.

There simply are no tips to change habits and beliefs that we have carried around and practiced for ages.

There are no tricks to simply stop what we’ve been doing forever.

Tips and tricks are the solutions and answers that look good in a blog or YouTube video, but they don’t mean shit when you are up against serious routines and old patterns.

Tips and tricks are the first things that get flushed away when life gets hairy and scary and emotions flare up.

At least, that’s my experience.

Tips are flimsy promises.

And that’s why I don’t insult people by sending them a cute list with things they can do.

Does this mean that people can never change, that they HAVE to stay anxious and addicted and shy and a mere shadow of what they could be?

Not at all.

HUGE, dramatic, liberating changes are possible if you know where to look and how to explore.

You want a really good tip?

Hire me.

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