Full circle.

Today I actively tried to let go.

The idea came up yesterday, when I was doing a guided mediation and felt like I was exploding with anger and frustration.

So that’s what eventually happened: I exploded.

It was nasty, like an infected wound bursting wide-open.

There was red hot screaming, there was hitting the chair I was sitting in, and there were tears of whatever-the-fuck-had-been-building-up-inside (a BIG pile of the shittiest shit).

And after that, after the release, it was kinda quiet, and I felt the need, the wish, the urge, to surrender.

I was just really curious to find the edge of my consciousness.

I wanted to drift to the outer limits of my being.

And that’s what I explored today.

‘What remains when you let go of everything that happens within your experience?’

And I closed my eyes and started to let go.

This thought.

And this one.

And this great idea.

And this thought about the former thought.

And this feeling of frustration and restlessness.

And this really important mental note.

And the sensation of an itching knee, and then an itchy nose.

And the sound of a tram, and an ambulance.

And the thought of turning this experience into a blog, and fifteen thoughts in that direction.

And this thought and this objection and this piece of energy.

And this and this and this and this and this.

And I let go and let go and let go.

And let go…


You know what’s left when you let go of EVERYTHING?







(Photo by @___rob__,  for Unsplash)