Serious brows, playful guy.

I have 12 hoodies, and 1 suit.

And that’s a shame, actually, because I look pretty damn good wearing formal attire.

The thing is: suits just didn’t really happen in my life.

Hoodies did.

And T-shirts did.

And sneakers.

Maybe I am one of those guys who never really grow up, when it comes to clothes (and life, really).

The casual type.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t take my coaching seriously.

I do.

I LIVE for that job.

It’s like my whole life has been a deliberate, intricate preparation for what I do now, and everything I’ve learned and experienced and struggled through is part of the deal.

You get all of that and more, as a client.

So if you’re up for serious change, for some deeply enlightening conversations and a whole lot of waking up, I am your guy.

If you don’t mind the absence of suits, that is.

Try me.

Deleting habits.

Deleting habits.

Full circle.

Full circle.

Writing me.

Writing me.