Wonderfully trying.

We can’t win the human condition (believe me: I’ve tried).

You can feel glorious victory in the morning, yet be completely defeated in the afternoon.

You can feel enlightened, awakened, liberated, and then you crash and burn.

Just like that.

Nothing is here to stay (except nothing, maybe?).

Even the most intricate, subtle things we do or desperately try to believe in can’t save us from the mess our minds keep creating.

You know the things.

Letting go.


REALLY knowing that everything changes.

Peacefully flowing.

Spiritual awakening.

Positive thinking.

No thinking.

Living on an island with Wim Hof.

There are moments where a specific decision seems to be the ultimate way out of the chaos, until the chaos returns, gently, secretly, but inevitably.

We can’t completely transcend the human condition AS humans, as long as we’re confined to the body-mind system and live out these compelling persona’s.

We can’t truly be Everything, as long as our world is created within us by the mind and the senses and it all feels so incredibly real and personal and important.

There’s a sweet, naive arrogance we can indulge in when we have radical insights and our narrow experience is overtaken by a bigger sense of being.

There’s a longing to stay there, to stop efforting and to no longer be affected by our inner creation.

There’s hoping we can someday get THERE, and stay there, and somehow get blissfully frozen in time.

But life is just too rich.

The system of experience is too smart and enticing.

We can’t escape, because we were never really imprisoned.

We can’t win this predicament or solve this conundrum.

But we can still try.

Every single day and every precious second of that day.

We can try to live good lives, be good people, and follow our dreams and ambitions and try to make it work.

We can try to be spectacular and amazing or modest and invisible.

Because it doesn’t matter that it doesn’t really matter.

What matters is what we do with it, how we color it and fill it with meaning, and especially what we deeply believe that keeps this whole thing alive, fresh, interesting, and absolutely brimming with potential.

This life might be made up and illusory and insubstantial, but who cares if we are somehow capable of creating our own stories, even if that capacity is made up too?

There’s no way we will ever win the human condition.

So there is really, REALLY nothing to lose.



(Photo by @eternalseconds, for Unsplash)



Always there.

Always there.

The way out.

The way out.