Experiencing Oneness.

If we are ultimately One, why don’t we experience it that way?

Well, because feeling One would feel like nothing.

Who would do the feeling in the first place?

You’d need a feeler, AND a feeling.

That’s two.

Not One.

So it would be simply impossible.

Oneness could never feel itself as Oneness.

There’s your answer.

And while feeling One would be both impossible and beyond boring, feeling Everything is where it’s at.

That’s the fun park.

And that’s why we are here.

The humans.

Creations within Oneness, built out of Oneness, living IN Oneness, but equipped with perfect duality creation systems.

Capable of chopping Oneness up in endless imaginary pieces.

Me, you, bad people, shitty weather, tomorrow, never, garbage, happiness.

The stuff we call Life.

Endless individual elements, that are all ultimately still One.

So what, and why?

Here’s the thing: we can experience Oneness from a human point of view.

We can FEEL the energy, this power, of what’s actually hidden in plain sight.

We can sense this Oneness shining through us, carrying us, guiding us, living us.

Waking up spiritually is just that.

Not a dissolving into Oneness (which would leave us with nothing), but a recognition of it.

An aware acceptance of it.

It’s being conscious of consciousness, all cells deliciously vibrating.

Feeling One.

As humans.

Pretty cool shit, huh?

(Photo by @lisa_co, for Unsplash)

Wherever you go.

Wherever you go.

Where did I go?

Where did I go?

What is true?

What is true?

Coming home.

Coming home.