Always safe.

I can feel amazing and miserable within two seconds.

From one moment to the other, my world can collapse.

Or the other way around.

A mood that flips and soars into the sky, exploding like fireworks of bliss.

That is how we roll.

This, then that.

Pain, and pleasure.

And pain again.

But DO we know, do we REALLY know?

It would be so bloody helpful and soothing if we truly understood that this is what’s happening all the time.

If we’d be more aware of the absolute shifting nature and utter impersonality of these intimate events.

It’s nothing but a change of mind, an echo within.

It doesn’t really mean anything.

This, then that.

Here, and there.

Almost like Instagram, scrolling from one picture to the other.

One life to the next.

And the next.

So how come we don’t see it, acknowledge it, and use it?

Why do we get SO lost in what is not essentially true and most certainly not forever?

Because most of us don’t realize what we are realizing, or THAT we are even realizing.

We don’t see our thoughts as thoughts but become what they create in us.

Victims of.

A miserable idea.

A crushing memory.

A suffocating daydream.

A cathedral of doubts.

This, then that.

So obvious, but so unnoticed.

We don’t remember that we’ve had these moments before.

Many, many, many.

We don’t remember, and even if we do, it doesn’t really help us.

There’s no clarity of mind to just experience them instead of BEING them.

We haven’t learned to be aware of our moods and emotions and feelings, and stay conscious of the process, instead of letting it consume us completely.

We become what we think, and forget we’re essentially just observing.

And the observing, or the Observer, is the only thing that lasts.

First this, then that.

But it’s so hard to see that what you feel is not here to last, that it’s a creation, a fabrication, a batch of energy with a specific taste.

It’s hard to know, REALLY know, from the tiniest bit of liberating distance, that the show will go on.

It’s hard to live as what always is, and always will be.

Not this, not that.


And always safe.



(Photo by @persnicketyprints, for Unsplash)


Dear universe,

Dear universe,