How a really good coach can uncover your potential.

okt 23, 2021 | Anxiety, Awakening, Coaching, English, Insights, Personal, Purpose and Meaning, Spirituality, Typically Me

Sometimes people say that coaching is bullshit because we already have everything we need to be happy.

And that is true.

We do.

Just like we have the hands that can paint a masterpiece.

The fingers to play a Mozart sonata.

The legs to perform ballet on the highest level, or roundhouse kick a giant thug to the ground.

And the brains to solve complex mathematical problems.

It’s already there, the innate ability, the capacity.

But sometimes we need a bit of help to uncover it and use it and take it to a higher level.

Because even if we have the potential to be really, really happy: it’s useless if we don’t know where to look for it.

So how can you make someone happy in the first place?

Well, technically you can’t, not directly.

But what you CAN do is help people get rid of what is causing distress, complexity, uncertainty, and confusion.

What you most certainly can do is unveil the misunderstandings that cover up their inner light, so they can start seeing right through it.

You can offer them an opportunity to let go of or forget about the stories that hold them back, and relax back into well-being.

And you can explain to them, and even show them undeniably, that there is something living us all the time, and that we can trust it more than anything else.

All these things can be tremendously enlightening and inspiring, and a really good coach knows how to successfully explore that with you.

That is the priceless value of a true and seasoned professional.

In theory, we can all wake up to what we truly and always are, and that changes everything for the better, but an experienced guide will make it much, much easier.


Nothing bullshitty about that.



(Photo by @nihaldemirci, for Unsplash)

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