Stop crying and get on with it.

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This just hit me, so it’s REALLY fresh.

One of the things that still fuck me up is the rock-solid belief that the world owes me.

It’s a bit like victimhood, within the same smelly family, but a really weird and poisonous variety that is more like the opposite.

Like I don’t get rewarded for trying as hard as I do, which makes me feel deeply frustrated about the respect I get.

Or the lack of that, of course.

Here I am, The Good Spiritual Guy, writing all these blogs, making videos, sending people free books, giving away coaching sessions, and it never feels like that is truly acknowledged.

Sharing my hard-earned insights to a mostly ignorant audience.

Being brilliant and vulnerable, but also very much ignored.

So unfair.


Oh man.

I just realized what I have been thinking and doing for many years, while I was listening to a podcast and drawing on my iPad, sitting in my bed.

It made me feel quite stupid and genuinely ignorant, but there was also the first sign of incredible power and possibility.

Feeling chronically ignored by life somehow felt like me, but it isn’t.

I immediately knew that this will change many things for me, as the true depth of this realization starts to fill me up.

Here’s why.

Feeling like the world owes you is crippling.

The whole idea that ‘life’s not fair’ sucks away your self worth and motivation and responsibility.

It’s like watching your house burn to the ground while carrying a fire hose, stubbornly waiting for rain.

Feeling sorry for yourself, even if you have a REALLY compelling and legitimate story to back it up, will get you nowhere.

In the end and in a very practical sense it’s just an excuse, even if you don’t deliberately use it that way.

We are held back by massive amounts of mental things we don’t ever see, and they can and will keep us from expanding and transcending and living for the pure excitement of living, in freedom and trust and joy.

Even as essentially spiritual beings we do have these intricate psychological systems in place that create our perception in the moment, we do have a gazillion ideas and opinions that keep us stuck and small and in the dark, and getting rid of those is incredibly liberating.

But how?

Should you put all your effort into systematically figuring it all out?

Not if you ask me.

Rather than staying in therapy for thirty years questioning every little fucked up bit that makes life miserable (and so unfair!!), I have seen that consciously connecting to the baseline, to our true nature, to our soul, takes care of that.

All of it -even though there is a specific order and pace for this magical unfolding.

There’s a place we all carry with us all the time that is completely free from the crap we see and learn and innocently build into torturing truths.

It has been with us forever, and it has never changed.

That’s why we don’t know it’s there: too damn obvious!

It’s the peace before everything else, before AND during AND after the storm.

And recognizing that humble, endless stillness is where it’s at.

It will grow on you and in you, it will provide more and more space to breathe, it will slow down your mind, and it will start to shine a bright, intelligent light through you, exposing all the stuff that holds you back and makes life so daunting.

It’s like automatic, natural therapy.

One by one the deceptive layers that skewed life before, are brought to your attention, giving you the option to recognize and release them.

And that’s what happened to me, an hour and five minutes ago.

And I am in awe.


Maybe many other people have easier lives (although we never really know).

Maybe they get more rewards for way less effort and devotion.

Maybe you got burdened with more shit than most.

But so fucking what?

YOU are the only one who can decide to get over it and get on with it.

That’s what I just did.

(Photo by @dariusbashar, for Unsplash)

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