This might help.

Here’s something you can do for yourself.

It’s small, and simple.

You probably know it, I guess you’ve even tried it.

But if you’re anything like me, you forget about this stuff.

So here’s your friendly reminder.

For just one minute, be willing to accept everything you think and feel.

Accept it, or acknowledge it (if that sounds more neutral).

As an idea for the mind, it’s extremely unspectacular, but it can be really liberating.

There’s a lot of power in curious awareness without grasping.

It’s not about the things you experience, but about the space surrounding everything.

Or, less lofty: the fact that somehow you know shit is happening.

That knowing is what it’s about.

And the sitting down and the accepting is just a very practical, insightful way to become aware.

Don’t make it into a big deal.

It’s just like watching a conveyor belt with the world’s most eclectic collection of things.

Thoughts, sensations, sounds, resistance, whatever.

The only thing you do is acknowledge it.

Or accept it.

Let it be, and let it pass.

You sit down, close your eyes, and off you go.

There’s a sound.

Don’t go with it, just accept it.

An itch.

Don’t fight it, don’t wish it wasn’t there: accept it.

Here’s a mental itch (there’ll be many).

Accept it.

And along comes a great idea that you HAVE to contemplate and chew on right now.

Accept it, but let it go.

Because the next phenomenon is already waiting for you, sliding dramatically into your awareness.

It’s a problem, waiting for your attention, your involvement, and your fear.

But not this time.

Accept it, and do nothing else.

Next, there’s a feeling of disappointment.

Accept it.

A bit of restlessness.

Accept it.

The always interesting ‘This isn’t working!’

Accept it.

A sound, a smell, some anger.

Accept it.

Whatever it is:

Accept it.

Don’t work on it, don’t try to figure it out or remember it.

Accept it.

This, this, or that.

Accept it.

Just for a minute, or two.

That’s all.

Accepting is not agreeing, per se, or giving up, but in a way it is.

You agree to let go, and you give up the resistance.

For now.

And if the time is right, the acceptance becomes a state of mind.

A string of gentle releases.

And somehow you’ll get to know the knowing.

The space.

Not intellectually, but as a direct experience.

Just for now.


Can you do that, for you?



(Photo by @marcospradobr, for Unsplash)

The one life.

The one life.