Feeling bad can wake you up.

nov 9, 2021 | Anxiety, Awakening, English, Insights, Personal, Purpose and Meaning, Spirituality, Typically Me

You can’t do life wrong.

You can’t do it wrong.

You can’t.

It’s impossible.

Now you might say ‘well it FEELS like I’m doing it wrong!’

And I get that.

I have that.

But here’s a little secret:

The voice in your head that tells you you’re doing it wrong, is the same voice that asked or forced you to do whatever is supposed to be wrong in the first place.

That which urges and rushes you to do something, anything, effortlessly blames you if it doesn’t work out well.

The mind constantly burdens you with suggestions and fears and possible disasters and things that are wrong about you and the world, and whatever you do coming from that deeply confusing mental soup is then judged and criticized by the same thing.

The mind claims your successes, no problem there, but judges the fuck out of you if stuff goes wrong.

That’s why it gets away with everything.

We’re just really, really ignorant.

Doing something wrong, doing LIFE wrong, is a purely subjective thing.

There’s no way to measure it, universally.

It’s an abusive trick.

A really good and convincing one, but still a trick.

A trick to keep you on your toes and always vigilant, so you don’t become complacent and content, so you don’t just rest and be with what is, peacefully, no matter what.

The mind tells you ‘do this, do it NOW, and you will feel good!’

But does it ever really let you?


Yeah, exactly.

So don’t wait for the mind to acknowledge what you’re doing.

Don’t wait for the magic moment somewhere in time when and where you’re finally happy and liberated.

Learn to become free FROM the mind, and stop giving it your power.

Gently start doubting the ever-changing, purely opportunistic ideas of a mind that is all over the place, while always pretending to be ultimately right.

It’s not.

It doesn’t know the future.

It doesn’t get the past.

And it most definitely doesn’t understand the present.

The mind is not bad, nor evil: it’s just full of itself.

It’s a brilliant phenomenon, an evolutionary wonder, it’s amazing, it’s extremely creative and clever and fast, but it’s not you, it’s really not, so you can stop listening to it and you can stop letting it beat the crap out of you.

You can stop, really, you can stop right now, and the only objections to that will come from the mind itself, obviously.

But just use that as guidance.

Feeling bad simply tells you that you’re lost in the mind (not in life), so take that as a sign, and wake up to that.

Waking up always happens today.

And that too can never go wrong.

It’s impossible.

(Photo by @frankiefoto, for Unsplash)