Let’s make it real.

What does it mean, spirituality?

Is it something you do?

Something you believe in?

Do you need a specific posture, habits, clothes?

Is meditation mandatory?

And how about yoga?

Can you live a normal life AND be spiritual?

Does it mean you have to give up money?

Should you stop eating meat?

Is cursing off the table?

Well, no, and yes, and whatever.

Yes to the normal life, for sure (although there’s a big chance that stuff gets way more awesome than just normal).

Yes to lots of money (if that’s what you like), or no (if you like that better).

And no to meditation and yoga and beads and going to India, unless you happen to like meditation and yoga and beads and India, then it’s yes, absolutely.

You get my point?

All those things are just activities and preferences.

You don’t need to behave in a specific way, look a specific way, talk a specific way.

You don’t have to prove anything.

Spirituality is beyond all that, if you ask me.

It’s about changing your perspective.

About changing your connection with the mind.

About more options, more joy, and more peace of mind.

It’s both pretty fucking abstract, and deliciously practical.

And it’s very, very real.


Let’s explore.