This is gonna sound all over the place, but…

Sometimes I have insights that are SO big, that I can only kinda smell them.

Or sense them.

Or feel them, even though I have no idea with what, or how.

I know them, but I don’t know what I know yet.

It’s like receiving a mountain, but realizing you will have to conquer the foot first.

But everything is already there.

It’s already in your system.

You ARE the mountain.

It will just as well take time to explore all of it.


I get it that this probably sounds weird or unclear or abstract.

I’m just trying to lend words to a uniquely personal experience that is totally fresh and utterly vast.

It’s SO obvious to me, SO life-changing, again, yet I have no clue what it is or what it will truly bring me.

I guess I have learned to be okay with these deeply spiritual hunches that hit you like the sweetest, softest freight train.

How many awes can you have in a lifetime?

Here’s another one, mountain-size.

Confusion comes in many flavors.

I really dig this one.

(Photo by @kylejeffreys, for Unsplash)

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