Always living your best life.

Jan 12, 2022 | Anxiety, Awakening, Insights, Personal, Purpose and Meaning, Spirituality, Typically Me

I’m afraid I’m not living my best life.’

Or most successful life.

Or ultimately fulfilling life.

Or most adventurous.

Those are mental platitudes that open up worlds of anxiety.

The fear we can feel around being in the wrong place doing the wrong thing can be absolutely tremendous.

But this is just one example of the mind games we find ourselves in.

Like you (I guess) I am sensitive to these nonchalant or pressing remarks, simply because I have been trained to do that.

Most of us feel inadequate most of the time, and this is just one of these things that seems to underline that.

You are doing it wrong.

You are not trying hard enough.

You SHOULD live a life that makes Instagram explode.

Now the tricky part is that you CAN live a life like that, and it could be very cool too.

It’s just that living in constant fear of being in the wrong place is like a disease that can’t be cured, because every single situation you can achieve in life, leaves room for just another level of humiliation.

Waking up, the spiritual version I refer to, means sliding out of these crushing ideas more and more and longer and longer.

Not because you are constantly focused on the random crap your mind comes up with, but because you realize you are not the mind.

By living closer and closer to the source of consciousness (something you will appreciate easily and naturally when you first get to know it), whatever mental suggestions are presented to you will lose their power.

To me, this is the easier way to get out of the abusive relationship we have with our minds and get into a different place where calm and contentment are pretty sweet and simple.

You could fight your thoughts all day long, trying to dismantle the system, and that is also a way of going about it.

But it’s a shitload of work, while learning to lean back against the comfortable divine wall that is consciousness, will do most of the heavy lifting for you.

By the way: you are ALWAYS living the best life you can live at that specific moment, given the constrictions of your present awareness.

And that actually leaves you with an endless amount of possibilities to make it cooler, more interesting, and fulfilling.

Life is the game we can never win.

But we can learn to play it with buckets of joy, ease, and gusto.

(Photo by @instagramfotografin, for Unsplash)

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