Whatever you do, do it for yourself.

Jan 12, 2022 | Awakening, English, Insights, Personal, Purpose and Meaning, Relationships, Spirituality, Typically Me

Do it for you, just for you, everything.

Even if you love the idea of helping other people out and make that one of your prime goals in life, do it for yourself anyway.


Because here’s the thing: if you don’t learn to do shit just for the doing and the creating of it, if you don’t learn to appreciate the pure energy of fresh conception, you will somehow keep creating conditional connections.

And those are disappointments waiting to happen.

A dependency you simply don’t want.

Let me tell you what I mean, and what that looks like in my life.

If writing blogs or putting free courses online or posting videos or giving away free coaching was all aimed at a specific external result and visibly grateful digital masses, I would be fucked.

Because sometimes my actions result in a handful of likes and hearts and reactions, now and then they acquire even more than that, but most of the time hardly anything happens.

Not quite the deafening symphony of crickets, but close.

There are various obvious reasons for the lack of appreciative interaction.

An important one is that we’re all mostly self-centered and preoccupied.

It’s not that we are intrinsically bad or ill-meaning; people are just all over the place, purely concerned with our own flesh vessels, and victims of the radically and profoundly confused mind.

This is a deeply ingrained, logical survival mechanism that makes us all feel like the center of the universe, so we take care of ourselves first.

And always.

Now for another big reason.

Most people are completely overwhelmed and kinda spoilt by the amount of information that is out there nowadays, so they mainly look at your stuff and then just go on without acknowledging it.

Social media with its wealth of (high quality) content makes us blasé.

It’s all out there in endless amounts, it’s all free, and there’s no commitment needed whatsoever.

So we become complacent, dulled out, and kinda lazy, bit by bit.

We’ve learned to graze all day long without ever taking the time to show we care (I know some of you actually do, thanks for that, but non-responsiveness is the general way for most people, and I do it too).

Most people simply seem ungrateful in their direct, visible actions because they’re constantly hopping from one little online snack to the other.

And even though there might be a lot going on that we are never aware of, where people are really touched by your posts and tweets and Instagrams but simply don’t respond for whatever reason, that obviously still means no clear interaction.

Sometimes this fucks me up very much because it just seems so utterly out of balance, but this is the thing that we, especially the more productive creators out there, have to cope and live with.

This is why you HAVE to learn to do everything for yourself, and not depend on external validation and appreciation (which is still internal, of course, but you get what I mean).

You have to learn to love the doing itself, the making, the building, the typing.

If creating shit wasn’t such a huge miracle for me, if the spontaneous birth of all these ideas and words and forms didn’t feel so amazing, I’d probably just quit.

It just wouldn’t be worth it if I’d be doing it for visible, tangible appreciation.

But, hey, life always takes care of us.

(Photo by @karsten116, for Unsplash)

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