Most people want you to have opinions.

It’s an important part of social interaction.

If you agree with others, it feels safe, it validates and enforces who you think you are.

And if you disagree, it can either feel unsafe, or it can give you some sort of personal psychological power because it somehow underlines the idea of being a specific person with a very distinct worldview.

But what if all of that changes?

It can be confusing and difficult to lose your interest in opinions, I know that firsthand.

For years now, the whole system of rock-solid and mostly emotional ideas about almost anything and everything has been eroding within me.

It has never been a goal to be opinionless or to somehow be above opinions and judgments (which would make it an enviable ‘spiritual’ trait somehow), but it’s just happening.

I can’t find the ground for most of my opinions anymore.

A lot of them simply don’t feel real, or true, or important, and most definitely ‘me’.

And although that is really liberating in many ways, I also had to learn a new way of interacting with other people in a way that is not too confusing or insulting for them.

Most of them expect you to think and feel something about anything.

In conversations, we compare those things and that helps us define our positions as a person in society.

So if you meet someone who stopped doing that at least partially while you want them to engage in the game of infuriated, subjective, intellectual comparison, you get nothing back.

It can really piss people off.

Because if you live in a world of opinions and if opinions are the building blocks of who you think you are, you need to be surrounded by them all the time.

I’ve noticed many times this craving for the opinion game in others, and it has taken me years to play it elegantly, and effortlessly.

The cool thing is that if you don’t make a big fuss about it, if you stay calm and generally interested and don’t try to sell to other people that opinions don’t matter, many conversations can become very relaxed and rich and inspiring.

I was about to say that this is part of the spiritual journey, but that would somehow classify it and make it into a level, or some lofty goal.

And it’s probably not.

There’s really nothing wrong with opinions, and it is also very okay to lose interest in yours.

Dealing with these kinds of profound changes can be painful and hard, but it’s almost always an opportunity for conscious expansion.

At least, that’s my observation so far.

And it’s not an opinion.

(Photo by @mbaumi, for Unsplash)

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