Zooming out.

And zooming out some more.

There’s the old addicted me.

The old pitiful whining winer.


Zooming out.

Zooming out more.

There’s the ‘life is against me, it’s so unfair!’ guy.

There’s the smallness.

The tightness.

The darkness.

Zooming out, zoooooooming out.

More, more, more.

There’s the Depressed and Frightened One.

The professional cynic.

The envious little monkey.

The Sucker for Scarcity.

The hider.

Zooming out.

More, more, more.

They get smaller and smaller, IT gets smaller and smaller.

The old pain.

The old habits.

The old me.

Smaller, smaller.

And bigger, BIGGER.


Zooming out.

Zoooooooming out.

(Photo by @garciasaldana_, for Unsplash)

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