Make them hungry for you.

Jan 30, 2022 | English, Entrepreneurship, Insights, Personal, Purpose and Meaning, Typically Me

When you write blogs or create videos or music that nobody seems to be interested in, there can be several reasons for that.

Maybe the quality is just extremely poor.

Or the quality is not THAT ridiculously low, but the topics are already covered way better by other people.

Or the people that could love your work simply don’t know that yet.

So you have to create an audience first.

You have to spark a specific hunger in others.

And most creators simply don’t have the tenacity, stubbornness and inspiration to stay in that game long enough.

This is totally understandable, because it takes a lot of work and a lot of time and you’ll have to overcome many moments of frustration and uselessness.

There is SO MUCH free stuff out there, really good stuff too, even really high-quality stuff, so the general audience can afford to be very picky.

That’s why whatever you do has to be more than just very good: it has to be something that is deeply, deeply you.

Because good and even excellent are pretty doable by many people who just work very hard, but YOU is only doable by you.

Writing, creating, producing and posting your stuff will help you to recognize and cultivate that You in a truly specific and original and juicy form.

You don’t just develop your voice or tone by thinking about it.

You’ll have to explore it, find it, use it, and befriend it.

Your public stuff has to be SO (incrementally) You that eventually people will recognize and realize that they can’t get it anywhere else.

And that’s when the game totally changes.

So in order to get there, you’ll have to be excellent at being you.

That’s it.

What are you waiting for?

(Photo by @tijsvl, for Unsplash)