10 things happy people do: who cares?

feb 5, 2022 | Awakening, Coaching, English, Insights, Personal, Purpose and Meaning, Spirituality, Typically Me

When it comes to happiness, we’re doing it wrong.

Like: 180 degrees wrong.

Because most of us believe that happiness is what comes after activity and action and grinding.

We have to behave and think in a specific way to earn it.

Happiness is regarded to be the end result, the icing on the cake, but it’s the exact opposite.

Happiness is where it should start.

And it already does (and you’ll find out soon).

If you are a seeker for happiness and peace of mind and ease of living, you have probably worked your way through tons of books and blogs about these topics.

And they are always prescriptive and highly logical: happy/relaxed/confident people do this and this and this, so you should do it too.

Which makes sense if you look at it from the general perspective of learning.

It makes sense to learn from the best when it comes to mastering the piano, basketball, painting, karate, or whatever skills that require repetition and commitment and maybe some talent.

Hard work often delivers at least some results.

But let me ask you this: how come small children already know how to be happy, and creative, and content, and full of wonder and confidence and playfulness?

Why is it that these amazing little creatures have all the traits we start longing for later in life, and have them in limitless amounts?

Do babies read blogs and bestsellers when we are sleeping, is there a thing where toddlers secretly get up at night and watch YouTube for hours to learn about mindfulness and success and happiness?

You see where I am getting at?

Happiness is what we are born with.

It’s our natural capacity to be engaged with life, without knowing that we are engaged with life.

Without trying.

Without obsessing.

It is who we are before we learn to doubt who we are.

So happiness is about unlearning, not learning more.

It’s about reconnecting to the state of being we were born with.

It’s already there.

Happy people simply realize this and live this.

And the only reason why they do the things they do is because they are happy.

It’s not the other way around.

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