I was never really interested in the idea of serving people.

For the ‘what’s in it for me?’ kinda guy I thought I was, it didn’t make much sense.

Until it did, until I grew into it, or it grew into me.

I simply didn’t know that the act of giving, of sharing, of shining your personal light on the world around you, was actually the act of coming to life.

I didn’t realize that serving people is the result of being who you really are, and not just a one-way activity.

It’s amazing to see how I used to be much more cynical and selfish, and how a lot of that has changed in a very gentle, natural way.

For me, it simply feels good to help out people, to see their faces light up, to watch them get back on their feet or even get off the ground, and soar.

When I am in a situation where those things happen, I give and I share and I totally am where I am.

I am fully alive, I am very much lived, and the energy of optimism and power and creativity can flow freely.

It feels amazing.

It feels right.

I didn’t know that.

I didn’t know how incredibly well this works, how you can benefit from helping someone out, how it can truly feel amazing to be a signpost, a bridge, a safe haven, or a reminder.

It feels good to help out, to point out, to inspire.

And feeling good is what life uses to tell you:

“There you go my friend, keep on doing that, keep at it!”

I didn’t know.

But life showed me.

(Photo by @raw2020, for Unsplash)