I don’t know.

Sometimes when I coach, the only thing I seem to do is create an excuse for being happy.

And that is not sometimes, to be honest.

Why wouldn’t that be enough?

Why do we need to put it in (buzz)words and attach it to goals and squash it into a system that is also an acronym?

Why does it need to make sense, even if that’s not how liberation really works?

Why do we introduce steps and black and white processes?

I guess the mind has to be convinced first.

It’s all trickery.

Coaching needs to sound logical, doable, methodical.

It needs to speak to the mind before it can be allowed into the heart.

But all I really do is create an environment, a space, a fruitful bubble, a vibe.

I create an excuse for people to be happy.

To forget, at least for a little while, about the things that seem SO important and compelling and dangerous and threatening.

To get lost in the sweet perfume of potential and curiosity, and remember what that feels like, explore it more, and recognize its subtle existence in everything we do.

I think that’s all we really need, and really want.

Because all we ever want, all that is hidden behind all of our goals and dreams, is to feel happy in the first place.

And recognizing that we still can, that it’s still there, that we have never lost this amazing power, is the start of transformation.

So if you’re looking for an excuse to experience lifechanging coaching, look no further.