Look, there’s a list!

It’s a snarling, growling, angry collection.

It’s alive, it’s hungry, and it’s never satisfied.

It’s the To-Do List.

The File of Future Failures.

It’s huge and unforgiving.

And there’s always more on it than you can handle.

The List.

We walk around and it whispers its demands.

“You should do this, not that, and you should do it better than anyone else!”

“You’re supposed to do more, for longer, with more power and engagement and success!”

‘If you don’t get this done life will fucking crumble before your eyes!”

That list.

It’s the lineup of activities that will eventually lead you to liberation (so we believe).

Just do more.

Just attain more.

Just study more, get more, travel more, love more, be more.

More, more, MORE!

And for every piece we chew off, new stuff is added.

It just keeps growing.

The list is a lie.

It’s not the truth.

The list is a very random bag of ideas and beliefs and promises that looks very real and important and demanding.

Don’t believe the list.

Don’t let your days be dominated by a stupid summary of future goals and activities that has absolutely no meaning.

Fuck it.

And then fuck it again.

But don’t make that the next thing on your list.

(Photo by @wizwow, for Unsplash)