A million different nows.

mei 13, 2022 | Awakening, English, Insights, Personal, Purpose and Meaning, Spirituality, Typically Me

Let me tell you something about the mind.


The intellect.

Or the thinking machine.

We believe it to be very, very smart, but it can’t even fully get the most direct truth about life:

It’s always now.

It’s always this moment.

The now never changes, even though life goes on just the same.

It’s the most obvious thing in the world, for every person alive, but the mind is absolutely unable to wrap its big arrogant head around it.

The mind operates within the now, as part of it, and it’s by using concepts that it creates parts, elements, and time.

But it’s still always now.

The mind chops up this eternal moment in countless different nows with countless different flavors.


Last year.

Next month.

This Summer.

Five minutes from now.

The future.


But it’s still always now, and it will never be not now.

This now is beyond anything else.

It’s endless, boundless, and has no characteristics.

It has no form, you can’t catch it, yet it’s the only reliable, stable factor in every experience in the history of experiences.

So you might think ‘Who cares?’

But that cynical remark isn’t you.

That would be the mind speaking.

Keeping you occupied with its vast and ever-expanding collection of important and painful nows.

Creating boredom by rejecting this now.

Creating stress by not having enough nows.

Creating anxiety because of a scary now.

Creating a future now that is better, and by doing so creating a present now that feels like shit.

It’s amazing.

It’s beyond amazing how we can be tricked into believing all these different nows, while it’s so simple to notice that there’s actually only one.

We’re constantly fooled, tricked, mesmerized, and nothing even tries to hide that.

It’s out in the open.

All these nows.

All the fucked up nows, the forgotten nows, the better nows, the improved nows, the comfortable nows, the dreadful nows.

Contained in the only real now.

This one.

(Photo by @timmossholder, for Unsplash)

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