No reason to be happy.

mei 14, 2022 | Awakening, English, Insights, Love, Personal, Purpose and Meaning, Spirituality, Typically Me

I was thinking about happiness, because that happens a lot.

And this realization came up:

For happiness, we don’t need a reason.

For unhappiness, a reason is absolutely required.

I mean…

Happiness needs nothing.

It doesn’t really depend on a situation or stuff.

The only prerequisite for happiness is being present instead of being caught up in mental agitation (or: thinking).

Happiness is not added to our experience: it’s the simple, pure nature of being.

It’s what is, completely and deeply, before things distract us.

It’s the absence of discomfort, resistance, doubts, worry, and other mental activities that keep us occupied for so much of the time.

It’s about not being identified with the content of our experience, but becoming aware of the direct, untainted sense of awareness itself.

Happiness IS consciousness.

It’s flow.

It’s love.

It’s joy.

Happiness is what we are, at our core.

Unhappiness is simply the disturbance of that.

We’re just tricked into believing that happiness is some sort of result, a causal effect, a thing we have to go look for and earn and fight and change for.

It’s not.

Happiness simply means relaxing from the mind.

It’s the release of the tension that our thoughts create.

And it’s a direct remembrance of what was already there.

Whatever we believe we need in order to become happy, is what covers it up.

Happiness is the closest, most intimate thing that exists.

It’s what we experience when the mind is at rest.

It’s right behind you, around you, and in you, looking out through your eyes, regardless of what they see.

It’s here, now.

Where else could it be?

(Photo by @miekelauren, for Unsplash)

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