I received a notification from the airline.

Because of severe personnel problems at the airport I will depart from, everything takes ages, and the advice was to get there extra, extra early.

The taxi was already booked, so now I had to rethink the pickup time.

Fifteen minutes earlier?

Half an hour, even?

I started to calculate the drive, the queues, whether I would be able to have coffee and buy a book, and what would happen if everything happened to go way smoother than anticipated, and from these calculations, I tried to readjust the schedule, including the perfect time to set my alarm.

It was a mess.

And within seconds my mood dropped.

This happened while I was on the elliptical doing my morning workout, and I got a sense that life was pretty shitty.

Of course, the sky was grey.

And the calculations went on.

My mood dropped even more.

There was all this heavy mental luggage.

But then I received another notification.

From within.

Fresh consciousness.

It said ‘You are very much in your head right now, buddy, no worries’.

Which immediately cleared the moment.

Because I know it’s true.

I know how it works, and if I forget, I’ll always be reminded.

Ready for take-off.

(Photo by @philipmyr, for Unsplash)