About the life you could have been living.

Jun 19, 2022 | Addiction, Anxiety, Awakening, English, Insights, Parenting, Personal, Purpose and Meaning, Relationships, Spirituality, Typically Me


The life we’re living.

It’s here.

Right here.

We’re in the middle of it.

And then, on the left side, you see that?

It’s the life you’re SUPPOSED to be living.

If you look closely it’s on the right side too.

And below, and above.

The life we’re supposed to live, the life we COULD HAVE BEEN living, the life we’re worthy of living, is everywhere.

Everywhere, but here.

So it’s actually nowhere.

But it fucks us up just as well.

I’ve talked about this many times before, but it can’t be discussed and detonated enough, so I’m mentioning it again.

The life we could be living doesn’t exist.

You can dream about it, you can work towards it, and you can use it as a goal or a carrot.

It’s okay to change your life and to want it different than it is.

It can even be inspiring.

But changing your life is not the same as hating your life because you compare it to something that doesn’t exist.

The first thing makes sense (and is actually the way life works anyway), the second one is just a perfect recipe for misery.

And the unlived life is as real as:

The unlived five inches taller.

The unlived 10 kilos less.

The unlived fairytale childhood.

The unlived professional tennis career.

The unlived exhibition of your paintings that sell for millions.

If it’s not there, it’s not there.

There’s probably a distance between where you are right now and where and what you’d like to be.

That’s fine.

Just don’t turn that discrepancy, that imaginary gap, into a stick to beat yourself up.

There’s only so much inspiration in being angry with yourself.

Frustration burns out pretty quickly.

And punishing yourself because reality doesn’t align with your wishes or dreams, is simply stupid, harsh, and painful.

So… here’s the life you’re living.

It’s the only one you have.

It’s precious.

You’re precious.


(Photo by @astrobobo, for Unsplash)

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