People desperately want the answers to life’s questions.

At least they think they do.

Because they don’t, not really.

What they want are answers that make sense.

Solutions that sound good, and logical.

Stuff that lands smoothly on their barren mental gardens.

Things that feel good at first, and will be forgotten 10 minutes later.

I’m not even kidding.

Most people wouldn’t even recognize the answers that would be really liberating if they woke up next to them at 5 in the morning.

Most of us haven’t got a clue what will set us free.

It’s not because we’re stupid or because we don’t want to.

We do!

It’s because we’ve learned that life is hard and complex and unfair, and shit is caused by things or the lack of things, and we have to figure that fucking mess out before we can be happy again.

And this kind of thinking calls for answers that fit that specific framework.

That’s why so many of the perceived solutions involve hard work, many steps, homework, and wishful thinking.

And that’s also why there’s so much disappointment, failure, and embarrassment.

I know this probably makes no sense to the average person.

But it’s just one of those things that make me giggle in awe.

Looking in all the wrong places, all the time.

It’s somewhat cruel, but also really brilliant.

(Photo by @wolfgang_hasselmann, for Unsplash)

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