If you’re able to tell people they don’t need anything to feel happy, that’s good.

If you’re able to let them FEEL what you mean, that’s absolute gold.

Because the world is full of promises and theories and ideas about how to ‘get the life you deserve’, someday, but most of us can’t remember the last time we felt free, unburdened, silly and curious.

It’s my job and my secret power to make that happen.

It’s actually the only thing I do, in a million different ways.

Feeling really good is not the end result of something, not a reward for a specific activity, but the direct recognition that it’s already alive, in you.


Probably sounds either too good to be true, or vague as fuck.

Got it.

And that’s why my job is never boring: every single person in the world has a totally unique set of objections to this.

So that’s what we have to crush, circumvent, and make obsolete.

In such a way that you can FEEL the difference.

We have to get you off your mental high horse long enough to get what your mind has been keeping away from you.

Yup: also vague.

But we know it by other names.






I guess you’ve heard of them, right?

What I refer to here and what I help you realize, is not complicated by itself.

It’s actually simpler than anything you’ve ever considered.

And that’s exactly the challenge.

Overcoming your resistance, your criticism, your knowledge, and all the ideas about how incredibly complex life is.

It’s my job (and my pleasure) to help you get rid of what’s holding you back, and to gracefully either wipe away or sail around your objections.

What I do is 100% unlearning, and chipping away mental habits and disheartening views.

It’s extremely experiential, so you don’t even have to believe in something.

I take touchy and tricky topics like ‘consciousness’, ‘awakening’ and ‘spirituality’, and make them as simple as peanut butter, and as powerful as nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

Still vague?

Let’s talk.

Mail me.

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